As well as supporting other brands we also support our own and licensed brands.


Rated the ‘Rolls-Royce of curling wands’ by Evening Standard, Chopstick Styler™ is the first ever, fashion forward award-winning rectangular patent shaped, curling wand range scientifically proven to combat the toughest curl challenges and create the longest lasting curls no matter your hair type. Over 500 000 Chopstick’s sold the brand is loved by Kim K’s hairdresser Chris Appelton.


Sensse ™ is a multisensory, cruelty-free, selfcare brand that helps you ignite all your senses in order to positively stimulate your mind, body and soul. The Sensse collection includes a range of professional, aesthetic, skincare devices as well as, indulgent, selfcare ritual products.


Since 1946, Sensio Home ™ offers top-selling, premium home appliances, textiles and accessories at an affordable price. Sensio Home ™ products are renowned for their positive, high reviews and low return rates due to rigorous testing and extensive research /development. The range is available across the UK, EU and US.


A kitchen tool like no other. As seen on BBC Food, the Masha™ is a unique electric blending and mixing tool with 2 rotor blade attachments for creating the fluffiest, smoothest, lump free dips, mash potatoes, soups, cake mixes, baby food, guacamole, hummus and more. The patented rotor cone technology gives you effortless results in less than 20 seconds.


Can’t get a good night’s rest? As seen on TV, MPL Home Ltd has teamed up with Sammy Margo a qualified chartered physiotherapist to create top selling Good Sleep Expert sleeping pillows and guides.

Licensed Brands


Get rid of unwanted hair with no!no!’s patented thermion technology. 

MPL helps manage the no!no! license in the UK.

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