As a multi-disciplined, multi-national 360-degree retail and brand service provider we offer a one stop solution to our clients and customers.

We specialise in providing expert sourcing services and business strategies and services for retailers, Amazon FBA businesses, new and developing brands and our own and licensed brands. We have a track record in supporting some of the UK’s largest consumer brands from a simple product idea to ensuring those products receive those important 5 star reviews and all the stages in-between.

Whether you are a brand owner who wants help at any stage through the product development, e-commerce optimization, retail management & supply chain or a retailer who needs help with sourcing and logistics for your own brands we can tailor a personalized solution for you.
We operate in Europe, North America, United Kingdom and Canada.

Product Sourcing
Amazon Account Management
Quality Control
Shipping Logistics
Product Development
IP Protection
Supply Chain Management
Customer Services
Market Launch
Brand Building
Influencer Marketing
Retail Management

We Do Make A Difference 

We Do Make A Difference 

We Do Make A Difference 

We Do Make A Difference 

We Do Make A Difference 

We Do Make A Difference 


Our CEO, Paul Rosen has been involved with this business for more than 30 years finally in 2008 acquiring the existing business of Maurice Phillips and Co Ltd from the third generation of the family that founded the company back in 1946 in the East End of London. Since 2008 we have significantly expanded the product areas we cover which was further enhanced when in 2020 we acquired Shaw Spencer Home trading Ltd and its Hong Kong and Chinese subsidiaries. We have representative offices in India, Pakistan and Turkey a showroom and sourcing/ technical office in Shenzhen with our head office in Hertfordshire.


Our purpose is simple – be your 5-star business asset. We aim to consistently deliver best selling, high quality, ethically sourced, stylish products on time at the lowest cost possible that will exceed yours and your customers expectations .


Home Textiles

Cutting edge designs aligned with the latest trends

Home Décor & Furnishings

Unique designs meticulously sourced to ensure the highest quality

Table Top and Cutlery

Extensive range of matching sets at affordable prices

Furniture Indoor and Outdoor

We offer a full range of indoor and outdoor furniture

Home Storage

Variety of finishes including velvet for a sumptuous finish

Small Domestic Appliances

As a major supplier to the UK’s and Europe’s leading retailers, we can fulfil all your sourcing needs

Pet Toys & Furniture

Everything a pet needs from pet beds to toys sourced from the world’s best factories

Hair & Beauty

Unique designs coupled with the latest technology so your brand can stand out from the crowd


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